Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Final Farewell from a Gracious Bookseller at Stacey's

"I’d like to again say thanks for all of your support over the years. When I first started working for Stacey’s, I was excited at the opportunities open to me but a bit disappointed that I wasn’t in a neighborhood bookstore. What I have realized in my eleven years here is that I am in a neighborhood bookstore. It may be a slightly strange neighborhood that arrives at 8 in the morning and goes home by 8 in the evening, but it has its regular rhythms, its regular characters, and a sense of community for anyone wishing to extend themselves. After talking with so many customers disappointed by Stacey’s closure, I’ve been reminded that Stacey’s has served as a decompression zone between work and home, a welcoming island of culture, a Christmas treat, a literary community, an escape from corporate-land, an interesting talk with lunch, and, of course, a bookstore. Whatever Stacey’s did or didn’t mean to you, I would like to remind you to look around you at your physical community and think about what matters. And if it matters, remember to step outside of your virtual world, unplug your iPods, look up from your Blackberrys and shop it, talk it, engage it.

We are fortunate to have a number of wonderful local businesses within a block or so that will satisfy some of your Stacey’s needs. Fog City News is located at 455 Market @ First and carries a wide selection of magazines, newspapers and cards. Patrick & Co. is at 560 Market Street (across from Stacey’s) and is the oldest office supply store in San Francisco. Alexander Book Company is at 50 Second Street between Market and Mission and carries over 50,000 new books. Check out www.nciba.com for a listing of independent booksellers in the Northern California area and www.sfloma.org for a listing of local independent businesses."

Ingrid Nystrom
Marketing and Events Manager, Stacey's Bookstore, San Francisco, California

Stacey's Bookstore 1923 -- 2009

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