Friday, July 17, 2009

While I'm Away

You may have noticed my recent neglect of this effort. It was not intentional. My trip home to see relations now looms and I have been busily preparing for that, as well as seeing to things that needed seeing to before we go. I've tried to double-back a bit and fill in, but I'm forced now to give this up as a bad job.

I have provided for my absence with what I hope will be better reading than any hurried effort I might make now. And so, over the next ten days, I hope you will find here better company than any you might elsewhere.

I've introduced each, just in case an introduction might be necessary, but really, I'm not much needed. These are old friends and if any are new to you, nothing would make me happier than that you might meet and love them as I do.

Until we meet again then, enjoy my betters.

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