Sunday, October 26, 2014

Field Trip

Just some casual snaps from my most recent border-crossing.  My friends tend to be biblio-maniacs not unlike myself -- not sure why that is.  Anyway, this means that when I want to make our visitors happy, the easiest way is to pack the car with shopping bags and overnight bags, book a room at the always reliable -- and recently, beautifully renovated -- Mark Spencer Hotel, Portland, and head South for a day or two of budget-busting book buying fun.

Powell's has likewise recently renovated their landmark, "Burnside" location.  The results are both beautiful and in no way a diminution of either the the stock or the floor-space devoted to great used books.  No easy achievement, that.

For me this meant coming home with nearly a shelf of Samuel Butler books I'd never seen before, none of which cost more than fifteen dollars apiece, a Marchette Chute duel biography of George Herbert and Robert Herrick, "etc., etc.," as Yul Brynner used to sing/say.

Nothing makes me happier than that moment when, having collected up a heap of treasure, I retire with a friend to the cafe and review the day's loot!  The idea is always to put back a few things (in my case, one Defoe I already owned,) which makes one feel terribly judicious and well-budgeted, even as the orgy of book fondling and mutual admiration of purchases goes on through the afternoon.  Heaven.

Bless you Powell's, and all that sail in her!  You make entertaining so simple!


  1. I guess you felt a bit like Jim in R.L. Stevenson's Treasure Island. You found several treasures too! Love, Linde

  2. Book friends forever!!!!