Thursday, October 16, 2014

Daily Dose

From The Emigrants, by W. G. Sebald, translated by Michael Hulse


"Indeed, he sometimes felt as if he were tightening his ties to those who had gone before; and for that reason, whenever he pictured the young Wittgenstein bent over the design of a variable combustion chamber, or test-flying a kite of his own construction on the Derbyshire moors, he was aware of a sense of brotherhood that reached far back beyond his own lifetime or even the years immediately before it."

From Max Ferber


  1. W. G. Sebald belongs to my favourite authors. It's very sad and tragic that he passed away a the age only 57.
    Love, Linde

  2. Excuse me, please. I wanted to say it's very tragic that he passed away at the age of only 57.