Monday, December 23, 2019

A Very Short Tempered Christmas

It wasn't five minutes before Pert had to sit on that damned scooter.  Dress riding up, no shoes on her feet, making a damned fool of herself, like she did. "Take my picture!" Of course they did and everybody laughing. I knew it was a bad idea to let the old girl near the thing. I'd tried to tell them, you get a thing like that, and Pert will be on it and riding down your children before you can say, "Merry Christmas." Hushed me right up, like they always do. What do I know? I've only been married to the woman for 28 years. Tried to show her how to regulate the speed, but would anybody listen to me? Hell no. Tried to pull her off it. Next thing you know the cat's deader than possum on the road and everybody's crying and carrying on like somebody died. Woman spoils every damned thing.

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