Thursday, December 9, 2010

Daily Dose

From Letters of Thomas Gray, Selected With a Biographical Notice by Henry Milnor Rideout


"It is doubtless an encouragement to continue writing to you, when you tell me you answer with pleasure. I have another reason which would make me very copious, had I anything to say: it is, that I write to you with equal pleasure, though not with equal spirits, nor with like plenty of materials. Please to subtract, then, so much for spirit, and so much for matter; and you will find me, I hope, neither so slow, nor so short, as I might otherwise seem."

From a letter to Horace Walpole, dated January 1747


  1. Is that me talking to you? Could be, anyway.

  2. Ha! Seems this sort of thing has been going on forever, hasn't it?