Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Caricature

I was rather hoping that I had a three day weekend.  I didn't.  It happens.  Instead, I worked my regular closing shift.  It happens.  Today was a little different though.  Instead of the usual quiet Tuesday night, we had Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver, authors of the Here's Hank! books.  We also had a huge crowd: kids, parents, teachers, fans.  It was a lot.  Everybody was excited.  Everybody was awfully nice.  Everybody was still there when I finally had to punch out and go at 8PM.  (I've been slipping into a little overtime lately, just by inattention.  Oops.)

It was the kind of event that makes me a little antsy anyway -- I'm not a great one for crowds and kids and crowds of kids -- but it was lovely seeing such a happy group, and two people who make kids' books that also do a great deal of good in the world.  The hero of the books is Hank, a bright, funny little boy who happens, like Winkler, to be dyslexic.  The message was a great one, the authors were gracious, it was all good.

And I was happy to get home.

Well done, everybody.  Me?  I had to come home, clean the kitchen and read a little Balzac before bed. Restores the equilibrium, does reading Balzac.

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