Saturday, November 23, 2013

Daily Dose

From Merry Gentlemen (And One Lady), by J. Bryan III


"John's 'Code of Steinbeckery,' as he called it, had several provisions about drinking.  I have forgotten most of the code, but here is part of it:

1. Cogito, ergo cogito sum. (Considering John's pig-fixation, I think it's reasonable to call this pig-Latin.)

2. Always keep yourself off balance.

3-a. When the martini calls, balls!

3-b. When brandy beckons, no seconds.

4. Never let a drunk catch your eye.

5. If you wonder whether you are U, you aren't. ('U' refers to Nancy Mitford's tests for Upperclass and non-Upperclass people.)

6. Steinbeckery always increases.

I recommend Number 4 to everybody; it has saved me grief time and again."

From John Steinbeck: Mumbles, Bellows, Scowls and Laughs

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