Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2013 Calendar!

Here then my annual venture into micro-capitalism: the 2013 Usedbuyer 2.0 Calendar of Literary Caricatures! This marks the third year for this little project. Last year, some of you may remember, there was a wonderful newspaper piece by Mary Anne Gwinn for the Seattle Times. She was very kind. Anyway, the piece came out after the 2012 calendars had sold out. I thought about reprinting, but it was too late, really. Here's hoping then that someone remembers.

Christopher Hitchens I drew when his last book to date (there's at least one other still forthcoming) was published. The drawing came from a photograph I saw of Hitch in the midst of his last treatment. I believe in the photo, for some reason, he was showing off his teeth. I for one will miss him, and the snap of those jaws.

I drew Burroughs before his new book came out -- and suddenly he was cleanly shaved and smoothly polished. I think i still prefer him fuzzy.

Finally, here's Dame Agatha, laughing. she's probably my favorite this year. Love that hand; like some thick sea anemone.

So, there we are. On sale soon at University Book Store, Seattle. Check 'em out.Link

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