Tuesday, December 1, 2015

World AIDS Day

Because our losses cannot be numbered only in those we remember today. Because men, women, and children across the continents continue to suffer and die for want of the drugs that would help them to live. Because those of us old enough to remember when this began still hope to see the day when it will end. Because there are 36.9 million human beings living with HIV, and 39 million people have already died of AIDS. Because this will not end until we end it. Because a disproportionate number of those recently diagnosed with HIV are under the age of 35. Because of all the people I love who are living with HIV. Because I lost Peter, and Jimmy, and Kevin, and Daniel, and Jim, and Jeff, and Tede. I love you still. I will remember you. Because of all my former clients at the Shanti Project. Because of all the great artists we have lost, and the booksellers, the sales clerks, the lawyers, and the doctors, the mothers, fathers, and children. Because of all the brothers and sisters lost. Because of the losses we have yet to suffer. Because none of it has any meaning if we do not remember, if we do not contribute, if we do fight, if we can no longer be made to care.
Because this day, above all other days, the world remembers and we must never forget.

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