Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Snap of Tonight's Reading

Thanks for this photo to Matthew, and to everyone in the crowd tonight, specially those good souls who stood at the back, for coming out for 84, Charing Cross Road!

Pictured here are Pam Cady and the other one.

I am, even now, trying to upload a video of tonight's reading to Youtube. Evidently, experience is now only to be had in segments
of no more than ten minutes each, so this will take me some time. Please be patient. I will try.

And again, thanks to everyone who came out tonight, to my dear friend, boss, coworker and fellow reader, Pam, to Anna from Events, who is the only reason we were able to do this, to the friends who called to cheer me on today, and finally, in the words of Helene Hanff, "to anyone else who knows me."

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