Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Brief Note on National Poultry Month

A simple slip of the tongue, one year ago, April, and a doodle marathon ensued. National Poultry Month was born. (Now, there may actually be a National Poultry Month. I'm sure there must be. But ours is all about puns & doodles and such, not domesticated fowls and whatever agricultural lobby may have slipped congress a few bucks to put chickens onto the congressional agenda. If anybody out there celebrates so much as National Chicken Salad Day, let me know. I'm all for more national holidays.)

I assumed that these all got tossed at some point last year, and then, just today, I found them at the information desk, all bundled with a paperclip. Glad to say that National Poultry Month lives to cluck another day.

This constitutes perhaps the fastest, silliest doodle series in the bookstore's long and illustrious history of doodles. Hope you enjoy. Groan away.

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