Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Brief Doodle Rant

Okay. As of today, it's official: if you wear these clown-shoes into a bookstore for any reason other than to pick up you latte, or to hit the john before you get right back on your bike, you are probably a bad person.

Why is it that every middle-aged character in age-inappropriate athletic gear and bicycle-tap-shoes seems to be perfectly comfortable scuffing tiptoe across the sales-floor, talking loudly into a "bluetooth" about either highly personal matters, or as one gent did today, the coming "economic and environmental Apocalypse," for what feels like hours at a time --

-- without so much as looking at a book?!

It's a lovely day for your bike-ride. Please get back to it.


  1. if they wanted to ride a bike, they'd be riding it. They come into the bookstore because everyone else is being polite and quiet, so they can hear either the person they are talking to on bluetooth or their imaginary friends. C'mon, I'm not the only one who's thought of issuing mental patients a bluetooth setup so that they will get better acceptance in public.

  2. I'm actually okay with the lunatics, generally, but the self-righteous in tap-shoes? Where's my gun?

  3. I especially enjoy these situations when they are accompanied by the ultra-tight-sweat-wicking-eye-bleedingly-bright spandex shorts.