Friday, July 16, 2010

Wet Your Lips & Make Love to the Camera

I am suficiently excited about this that I'm willing to play the model myself, though obviously I'm not going to be workin' the runway any time soon. I don't usually wear T-shirts in public, but I did want to show off the new T-shirt I collaborated in making for the bookstore where I work. When I proposed the idea, roughly a year or so ago, we brainstormed a list of online descriptions of condition for used books. We may end up producing shirts with a variety of these condition-descriptions on the front, but this one was the winner of the preliminary popularity contest, and thus ended up on the prototype, and on me. My one request of the wonderful people in the promotions department? They had to make at least one T-shirt 2XL.

Here it is.
On the back, besides the obvious, there is a yellow dot on the spine: just like every used book shelved next to the new books in the store. Clever, ain't we?

Anyway, I like it, and think others will too. Soon these will be for sale in the store and online. I'm proud of that, though you'd hardly know it from that ugly mug, now would you?


  1. May we assume 'slightly foxed' is coming soon?

  2. Damn boy, you look fine in that t-shirt! In fact, you're a "classic". Get it? See what I did there? I used a bookish word. Man, I'm cool. Miss you!

  3. "Slightly foxed," etc. are on their way. And, Cynthia dear, "classic," can now, I think, given my beard, be assumed. Sniff sniff. Miss you too.