Monday, April 25, 2011

A Caricature

Optimists are rare nowadays in the book business, believe me. But we have need of them. Here we have the good man who manages to smile, come what may, every time I see him. Can't quite imagine how, but he does. Despite everything, I am convinced, he still believes. It's refreshing, frankly. The smile, I've learned, like the man, is sincere. Most encouraging to the rest of us, may I just say. And yes, it is my hope that this small tribute might make him grin -- though I've not done justice to him, obviously, or even to all those enviable curls. Nevertheless, I hope he knows how glad we are of him.

I've worked for a variety of bosses, good and bad, honest and otherwise, but rarely for someone who actually seems so glad to see me when he happens to. Imagine that. Me. I mean, would you? Well, the feeling now is mutual.

(Perhaps I'll give it another go soon... maybe in his motorcycle leathers. Honest. No flies on the Boss, no Sir.)

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