Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pictures from an Upcoming Exhibition

And so, we make ready to go again. Despite knowing that we may be reading just to each other this time -- with even less publicity than our last venture, and fewer friends even to participate and or form our audience -- it seems we simply will not stop.

Here then the first images of the first reading of Extracts from the Diaries of Adam & Eve, by Mark Twain. I am not actually doing much of anything here but reading along. My task will be to help edit and to introduce the evening. I'm planning to say all sorts of clever things, all of them Twain's, come November 16th, at 6PM. I haven't collected up my text yet. For now, I'm just along for the ride.

This would be the redoubtable Adam of the evening, novelist and copy-writer, Matthew Simmons. A dab hand at this sort of thing, in addition to reading his own work aloud regularly, Matthew was one of the joys of an evening of Dorothy Parker readings we did at the bookstore some time back. Cute as a bug, ain't he? Talented fellow. Lucky to have him.

And here is our Eve, beloved bookseller and me boss, Pam Cady. Funny woman, grand reader, and my regular coconspirator in this sort of thing.

Mark the date, any who may. Everyone's welcome.


  1. oooh, I can feel the excitement building...I wonder if I'll have to work during the event? prob'ly. gaah!

    lovely photos!!! who took 'em? Pam is indeed looking Eve-ish. not to be mistaken with elve-ish. :(

    lovely piece!!! i like this bit of a post Brad. u done good. :)

  2. Matthew is responsible for these lovely shots. Thanks, Jan, yet again, for your enthusiasm.