Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Caricature

I confess it.  The beloved husband and I have become just the littlest bit obsessed with yet another reality show.  Oh, the shame of it.  First we saw the film.  Then that spawned the TV show on MTV.  Now we record every episode, usually pausing at least once to admire the boys, Nev & Max, in the invariable "wakin' up all toasty and tousled scene."  It's all good from there.

Anyone who doesn't own a TV may still (?) be wondering what this "Catfish" phenomenon is, now that some famous football person's been in the headlines.  Well, a catfish is now -- thanks to these boys and their movie -- one who pretends to be someone else in a relationship on social media, etc.  Thus the poor footballer from Notre Dame who thought his imaginary girlfriend had died, and so on.  This happened to Nev and his brother & Co. made a documentary about it.  Now a television show.

It's bloody fascinating.  The last episode?  A stunningly beautiful soldier boy falls in love over the pixels with a male model from Florida.  Guess how that's worked out?  Well, you might be surprised.

I can't frankly imagine this lasting as the premise is dependent on both parties meeting for the first time in person via the MTV show, and, like Intervention before it, the day is doubtlessly coming when there won't be but one or two souls left on earth who aren't in on the premise.  Until then though, we have a new guilty pleasure in our house, my beloved A. & I, and we're still planning dinner, laundry, reading and life around watching this thing.

 Now if Max would just take his shirt off...

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